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Get your own piece of America's Cup - where the biggest comeback in the history of sports happened, at the 2013 "Summer of Racing", during the 34th edition in San Francisco.

The crews in every boat stand across from each other, eye to eye. EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND won the first race of the finals, and with it set the tone for their lasting series of wins. But in the end, ORACLE TEAM USA was still able to defend their title, by coming back from their 1:8 record.

Jens Hoyer was there live and photographed all the races and trainings during the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup Finals. In the 2014 calendar, you will find an assortment of his best pictures.

It all began as Jens Hoyer was a child, and occasionally was allowed to use his parent's reflex camera. He then practiced picture composition, using his own compact camera, and since the arrival of digital photography there have been no limits for the 47-year-old autodidactic photographer. In his current photos, you'll find passion, unbelievable fascination and real emotion. Jens Hoyer's enthusiasm brings him past his own limits. His goal is to constantly discover something new, and his motivation is capturing the perfect picture. His first contact with the America's Cup came 12 years ago as a guest racer, using AC-yachts to carry out teamwork seminars with his company's employees. Since then, he has been an ardent fan of the sport. Germany's exit from the America's Cup has only worked to motivate him in supporting the sport in his own way: with emotionally charged, perfect photos.

Jens Hoyer not only accompanied the 34th America's Cup in 2013. He was also at the 2011 America's Cup World Series. The next stage was the Louis Vuitton Cup, the Challenger Series of the America's Cup Finals. After the challengers were selected, Jens Hoyer went on to shoot the 34th America's Cup Final in 2013. Hoyer was also the team photographer for the German All In Racing Team of the Youth America's Cup, 2013.

Many newspapers and magazines have already published his images for their reports on the America's Cup. He has many emotional photos and unique close ups of one of the hardest and fastest sailing regattas the world has ever known.